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Are you looking to deepen your practice or try yoga for the first time? Look no further than Amrit Yoga Nepal!

Yoga is a holistic practice that can benefit the body, mind, and spirit in countless ways. Whether you are an experienced yogi or new to the practice, there is always something new to learn and explore on the mat. At Amrit Yoga Nepal, we offer a wide range of yoga classes for students of all levels and abilities, taught by experienced and certified instructors.

Our studio offers a wide range of yoga classes for students of all levels and abilities. Our experienced and certified instructors offer classes in a variety of styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Yin, as well as classes specifically designed for beginners, seniors, and pregnant women. No matter what your goals or experience level, we have a class that’s right for you.

In addition to our regular schedule of classes, we also offer special workshops and events, such as teacher training, retreats, and immersions, to help students deepen their practice and learn more about the philosophy and history of yoga.

One of the great things about practicing at Amrit Yoga Nepal is the sense of community that develops among our students. Our studio is a welcoming and inclusive place where people of all ages and backgrounds can come together and support each other on the mat.

So why wait? Come and experience the many benefits of yoga for yourself at Amrit Yoga Nepal. We can’t wait to see you on the mat!

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